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Best Private Schools in Monsey NY – Yeshiva Beth Mikroh Review


Private Schools Reviews for Yeshiva Beth Mikroh in Monsey, NY.

If you are looking for a private school in Monsey, NY please you have found a great resource for schools. Yeshiva Beth Mikroh is a Regular elementary or secondary school and is oriented religously as a Jewish school. The area of Monsey, NY where Yeshiva Beth Mikroh is located is considered a large suburb.Those looking for home school support in Monsey, NY will find that Yeshiva Beth Mikroh Yeshiva Beth Mikroh is Not Catholic Private School religious school and orientated with a religion. Many parents wonder if Yeshiva Beth Mikroh is located in a home and

Yeshiva Beth Mikroh Class size and information

When looking at quality education an important factor is class size, school size and teacher to student ratios. The smaller student/teacher ratios the more personalized your childs education will generally be. Many parents want don't want the school to be too small because they want their childeren to have opportunities to interact with many other students. [7/17] Larger schools also tend to have more extra caricular activities and therefore a broader education for the students.Yeshiva Beth Mikroh has a total of 40 teachers with 3 of the teachers being full-time. There are 415 total students enrolled in the entire school (See below for class breakdown of sizes). There is a ratio of 3 students per full-time teacher. The school also which may or may not be important for you in deciding your childs education. If your child attends Yeshiva Beth Mikroh, he or she will expect to spend about 191 days in school per year and about 10 hours per day in school. This leaves about 174 days for summer vacation, holidays, and "teacher workdays". The students have about 14 hours not in school during the school session for completing homework and extra caricular actvities. It is estimated that last year there were seniors and of those students % went directly to a 4 year college. This number does not indicate how many students may have gone on to a 4 year college after attending a prep school, vocational school, or simply took time off.

Looking for a school for your child can be hard work and bring a lot of stress. The best way to find a great fit for your child's learning would be to bump into another parent at a local restaraunt or coffee shop or even a park and chat about how the prospective school lines up with other schools. This is not always possible so a parent often turns to searching for online parent comments or reviews about Yeshiva Beth Mikroh. If you were to ask another Mom about this school would they give you a clear picture of what to expect? You bet. Well we have built a resource for you to do just that. Let other parents give you the picture before you pay that first tuition payment at Yeshiva Beth Mikroh

Your child's education requires an enormousness amount of attention and you can narrow your search with our online tool... *..*

The Regular elementary or secondary school : Yeshiva Beth Mikroh

  • Location: Monsey, NY
  • Type of area: a large suburb
  • School Type: Regular elementary or secondary school
  • Religious Orientation: Jewish
  • Religion: Not Catholic Private School
  • related to a religious organization.
  • orientated with a religion.
  • related to a religious organization.

Yeshiva Beth Mikroh is a member of these associations

  • National Society of Hebrew Day Schools
  • School GradeStudents Enrolled
    Transitional Pre-School
    1st Grade51
    2nd Grade48
    3rd Grade45
    4th Grade39
    5th Grade47
    6th Grade40
    7th Grade46
    8th Grade43
    9th Grade
    10th Grade
    11th Grade
    12th Grade

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